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2006 WNBF Pro International

September 16, 2006


My first competition as a WNBF Pro was held in Kansas City, KS. I dieted for 25 weeks for this show, a feat made somewhat more difficult by moving halfway across the country during the middle of the diet, starting a new job in academia, losing the most motivational workout partner I have ever had (fellow WNBF pro Kurt Weidner), and starting training in a new gym.


Despite getting lost on the way to the venue on Saturday morning, Kurt and I and the rest of our team were able to touch up our tans, get adequate food and a decent pump before going onstage. Never having competed as a pro before, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the quality of the physiques I saw backstage but was nonetheless confident in my condition and posing stamina. The pros were divided into 2 class, and I fell into the lightweight class (no surprise there as my weight was around 164). As we went through the symmetry round I was placed in the middle, always a good sign. Despite having over 10 competitors in each class, no callouts were made as the entire class went through the mandatories together. In the end, although I was pushed hard by Phoun Poulavan with excellent thickness and Steve Suschana with quality condition, I won the lightweight class.


In the heavyweights, Kurt looked very good but his symmetry didn't match up to a couple of the other competitors, and he ended up in 3rd behind Elvernie McGee and Robert Johnson. At the night show Robert and I competed for the overall title of Mr. International, and I stepped away from my first pro contest with an overall victory.

men lt - sym frontKC06

LW Class Front Symmetry

men lt - sym rearKC06

LW Class Rear Symmetry

men lt - side tricepKC06

LW Class Side Tricep

men lt - side chestKC06

LW Class Side Chest

men lt - rear latKC06

LW Class Rear Lat Spread

men lt - rear bicepKC06

LW Class Rear Double Bicep

men lt - most muscularKC06

LW Class Hands on Hips Most Muscular

men lt - front latKC06

LW Class Front Lat Spread

men lt - front bicepKC06

LW Class Front Double Bicep

men lt - crabKC06

LW Class Most Muscular

men lt - absKC06

LW Class Abs & Thigh

Top 5 LW KC06

2006 WNBF Pro International Top 5 LW Class

WNBF Medal

2006 WNBF Pro International 1st Place LW Class


2006 WNBF Pro International Overall Posedown

Front LatKC06

2006 WNBF Pro International Overall Posedown

2006 WNBF INternational - Results

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