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2015 WNBF Worlds

2015 IFPA Yorton cup

overall pro WORLD champion

I am a pro natural bodybuilder and professor at Oklahoma State University.  This website is my attempt to shed a little more light into the world of natural bodybuilding, including my own diet and training regimen.



Natural bodybuilding means that I choose to build my physique without the use of steroids, prohormones, or other banned substances.  It means that there is no substitute for hard work in the gym, a disciplined diet, and patience.  It means you have to use your brain as well as your brawn to devise and implement a plan that will push your body to its very limits and lead you to success on the bodybuilding stage.



Sponsored Athlete

Whitacre Yorton SC Medal

Yorton Cup LW Class Win

Rear Double Overall

Rear Double Biceps vs. Shevon Cunningham and Cleveland Thomas, 2015 WNBF Worlds

Side Chest Overall

Side Chest vs. Cleveland Thomas and Shevon Cunningham, 2015 WNBF Worlds

Yorton Overall Champion

IFPA Yorton Cup Overall Champion 2015

WNBF Worlds LW Class

Side Chest - WNBF Worlds LW Class 2015

WNBF Worlds Trophy

FINALLY...the 2015 WNBF Worlds Overall Trophy

WNBF Real Lat Overall

Real Lat Spread vs. Shevon Cunningham and Cleveland Thomas, 2015 WNBF Worlds

Yorton Front Double Biceps

1st Place LW 2015 Yorton Cup


Rear Lat Spread - 1 week out of Yorton Cup 2015


Side Chest 1 week prior to Yorton Cup


Front Double Bicep - 1 week out Yorton Cup 2015

Yorton Overall Champion

IFPA Yorton Cup Overall Champion 2015

Yorton SC Backstage

Backstage Yorton Cup 2015 Side Chest

  • Name:  Brian Whitacre
  • Born: 1976
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 165 lbs contest, 190 off-season
  • Years Training:  Since 1992
  • Education:
    • B.S. Mathematics, University of Mary Washington - 1998
    • B.S. Economics, University of Mary Washington - 1998
    • M.S. Agricultural Economics, Virginia Tech - 2003
    • Ph.D. Economics, Virginia Tech - 2005
  • Occupation:  Professor, Oklahoma State University
  • Marital Status:  Married to Jill, 3 daughters
  • Residence: Stillwater, OK
  • Hobbies:  EJMR
Thanks for stopping by!  Please drop me an email if you have any questions.  

Brian's Tips for Success in Natural Bodybuilding


  1. Diet hard.  Dieting is the hardest part of competing.  It is a mental challenge to construct a proper diet and eat the appropriate foods for long enough to get yourself into true contest shape.  

  2. Train hard.  Work ethic in the gym plays a large role in how far you take your genetic potential.  Push yourself!

  3. Stay humble.  I will never see myself as even an above average bodybuilder.  Regardless of how many shows you win, stay grounded and aim for improvement.  

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